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The following plans give more information about the emerging character of Great Whaddon.

The first plan identifies the relationship between the street hierarchy and townscape; main routes will have a more continuous built frontage. Other routes would include more semi-detached and detached houses. The block structure is focused on a ‘perimeter’ model with mews courtyards behind the street frontages. Specific locations will be identified for key buildings or groups of buildings. Detailed design codes will contain all sort of parameters that the most detailed phases of design must adhere to. The code will draw on the Village Design Statement and the best of the wider locality.

The second plan identifies that Great Whaddon will be comprised of neighbourhoods. Whilst they will all be recognisably ‘Great Whaddon’, each will have its own character and identity invested through its built form and landscape.

Map of potential uses ranging from higher density mixed-use areas to lower density residential only areas.

Potential neighbourhoods, neighbourhood names and larger green spaces.

Locally, Kingston Farm, Bradford on Avon developed by C.G. Fry & Sons represents the look and feel that we are aiming for.