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Great Whaddon has a lot to offer in terms of sports and leisure provision. It provides generational opportunity to make a positive impact for Trowbridge alongside, and linked to, the provision of a new secondary school.

Wiltshire Council’s plans for 600 homes at North-East Trowbridge does not include any land for playing pitches or other sports and leisure provision. The scale of development currently proposed does not allow for any significant community sports enhancements.

Embracing and identifying long term growth for the area will enable comprehensive planning of vital community sports and recreational facilities.

Our vision for Great Whaddon embraces many of the challenging sporting issues faced by the authority and local sports clubs, providing locations for facilities such as the new leisure centre.  We believe a comprehensive plan for the area would enable an area of sporting excellence to emerge, complementing the existing club and player base.

The following list of facilities has been provided to us through research, community and club feedback. We welcome further feedback and input as part of this collaborative process;

  • Court hall for 5-a-side/basketball/ cricket nets
  • Court hall for badminton/table tennis/martial arts/majorettes/other needs
  • Outdoor hard courts for netball, 5-a-side and tennis etc.
  • Provision for Staverton Football Club
  • A new home for Trowbridge Football Club – if not at Great Whaddon then potentially using the secondary school land at Ashton Park (not needed if Great Whaddon comes forward) with potential for the town council to relocate its 4G and HQ space here too.
  • Additional pitch for Trowbridge Rugby Club (at Great Whaddon)
  • A replacement 2nd pitch for Trowbridge Cricket Club
  • A 500m Cycling track with 400m running track
  • The efficient provision of artificial pitches for football, rugby, and school use
  • A home for Trowbridge boxing club
  • A BMX track to replace the one lost on County Way
  • A skate park
  • Padel tennis and squash