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The following concept plans are based on our current understanding of local constraints and opportunities. This has been informed by landowner contributions, our own observations, the technical work of our consultant teams and the design-led eye of Create Streets. This understanding will evolve with the input from other interested groups.

The concept plans are an evolution of the Council’s 2021 masterplan that covered the land between the Kennet and Avon Canal and Devizes Road. Our proposed development area includes more land to the north east, and along the A361 towards Semington. This additional land is proposed for a broad range of uses including housing, a local centre, commercial, schools, and parkland.

A larger development area (a more strategic larger Local Plan allocation) gives more scope to create a beautiful and popular new neighbourhood through a judicious integration of planning policy, masterplanning, architectural design and delivery.

Planning this area in a piecemeal way, as the Council now proposes, is unlikely to result in the best overall outcome. In fact, it could slow down the delivery of wider community benefits such as the secondary school and playing pitches for local sports clubs.

The key difference between the Great Whaddon concept plans is how the expanded area is addressed.

“Where long term growth areas present themselves for change, initial phases and land use mixes should come forward on the basis of a strong overall long-term vision and concept plan. To isolate the design of a first phase from the consideration of a bigger picture increases the risk that optimal outcomes will not be realised. For example, a school could be delivered in a place that ticks a short term box, but to the detriment of longer term placemaking. Multiphase and cross plan period growth areas command a strategic and coordinated approach.” – Create Streets (July 2023)

Our vision for a beautiful and green new neighbourhood could deliver:

Around 2,750–3,000 new homes with a full range of affordable housing

New primary schools and a secondary school

A range of shops, leisure and community facilities

Generous new open space including parkland, greenways, orchards, village greens and sports pitches

New cycle and pedestrian links

Improved public transport services

Around 150 acres of Country Park

Protection and enhancement of existing business clusters

Great Whaddon Concept Plan A

Great Whaddon Concept Plan B